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SHOWROOM - free live streaming


Join SHOWROOM streaming live shows with viewer participation!See and chat with pop idols and personalities. Broadcast your own live performances on SHOWROOM.- INTRODUCING SHOWROOM -- View live streaming shows by pop idols, comedians, voice actors and actresses, and personalities for FREE on SHOWROOM.- Your avatar can make comments and give gifts to the performer, creating an interactive experience of communication and camaraderie.
FEATURES1. ParticipationYour avatar participates in the show by making comments are sending gifts, exciting!Send lots of gifts to trigger the Combo Mode and gain more experience points to level up your avatar and stand out from the crowd!
2. Live streamingShows on Showroom are streamed live. Communication with performers and other viewers, and the live streaming of shows adds excitement, realness, and camaraderie to the experience.
3. FreeThe Showroom app is free to download and live streaming shows are free to view and free to broadcast. User registration is not required for viewing! Try it out, and stick around for the fun!
USER REGISTRATION and Show Gold- Viewing shows is free and does not require user registration. However, in order to make comments and send gifts, a simple ID and Password sign up is necessary.- Some gifts are not free and require purchases (please sign up to purchase the required Show Gold).- Show Gold purchased in the iOS app can be used in the this app only. It cannot be transferred or used in non-iOS devices.
- - - - Join the conversation on SHOWROOM SNS!Twitter (Japanese) : #SHOWROOMInstagram: (Japanese):